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Non-thermal Process Validation Services

Food Process and Safety Technology

Non-thermal food processes, unlike some thermal food processes, do not negatively affect the color, flavor, nutrient content, or texture of food products.

We validate food process for all non-thermal means, including but not limited to, high pressure processing, irradiation, pulsed electrical fields, pulsed light, radio frequency electric fields, ultraviolet light, filtration, cold plasma, supercritical carbon dioxide and any other technology which may serve as an alternative to traditional thermal processes.

Our goal is to validate that you have reduced vegetative microorganisms and bacterial spores by the appropriate levels.

For example, we have shown that pulsed light can reduce up to 9 logs of vegetative microorganisms and more than 7 logs of bacterial spores on smooth, nonporous surfaces such as those of packaging materials. We can help you put in place the processes necessary and supply you with the required documentation to meet federal standards.

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