Pharmaceutical Analysis

Certified Laboratories is a fully validated, FDA compliant pharmaceutical testing facility. In addition to the broad spectrum of analyses we currently offer to the consumer products industry we also provide a wide array of USP, CTFA and AOAC and American Water Works Association methodologies to ensure the quality of the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and nutritional supplements you manufacture. Whether you are undergoing validation projects which require repetitive sampling, need an outside facility for batch release testing or raw material analysis; Certified Laboratories has the analysts and systems in place to perform among others:

Pharmaceutical Analysis

Microbiological Analyses

  • Preparatory Testing for Microbial Limits Test (MLT) USP 61 NF2021
  • Full Microbial Limits (MLT) Analysis USP 61 NF 2021 or choose individual requirements:
    • Aerobic Plate Count
    • Yeast and Mold Count
    • E. coli
    • Salmonella spp.
    • Pseudomonas spp.
    • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Bioburden Analysis
  • Analysis of USP Waters by Membrane Filtration:
    • Coliform Count
    • Pseudomonas spp.
    • Heterotrophic Plate Count
    • Staphylococcus aureus Count
  • Multiple Tube Fermentation (MPN) for Water
  • USPAntimicrobial Effectiveness Test
  • CTFA Preservative Adequacy Testing
  • USP Antibiotic Assay
  • USP Vitamin Assay
  • Bacteriostasis/Fungistasis Testing
  • Sterility Testing Membrane Filtration or Direct Inoculation
  • Microbial Identifications:
    • Bacterial Isolates
    • Yeast Isolates
    • Mold Isolates
  • Bulk Testing of Validation Samples

Certified Laboratories is staffed 365 days a year.

Not only will your samples be processed and tested with the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency, we will provide you with the fastest turnaround time possible. Moreover, we back our clientele with the support that you demand from your contract testing facility.