The Dairy Industry

Certified Laboratories was established in 1926 as a dairy laboratory in New York City under the direction of Dr. Charles Paley formerly of the New York City Health Department. Certified Laboratories has served the dairy industry exclusively for many years until expanding into other areas.

Certified Laboratories has particular expertise in analyzing raw milk, milk products, and other dairy products including yogurt, cheese, and ice cream. We currently perform microbiological testing as well as Chemical analysis on dairy products on a regular basis.

Certified Laboratories currently holds the following accreditations of interest to the dairy industry:


New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets

FDA Interstate Milk Shippers Program for Dairy Bacteriology

FDA Vitamin A & D Analysis

State of Califonia - Mojonnier Fat

Monitoring raw milk for inhibitors and TPL is done on a regular basis. Monitoring milk plants for Listeria has been a concern for the past 15 years and Certified Laboratories has established programs with many dairies to monitor their environment for pathogens and indicator organisms. Certified Laboratories currently performs chemical testing on milk products, including fat and total solids. We also monitor cheese for fat, salt, and other chemical constituents to assure proper product.

Microbiology Testing

  • Aerobic Plate Count
  • Coliforms
  • DMC
  • E.coli
  • Phosphatase Activity
  • Yeast & Mold Counts

Chemical Testing

  • Cheese Adulteration
  • Fat Content (All Methods)
  • Milk Origin
  • Nitrates in Cheese
  • Protein
  • Proximate Analysis (Calories)
  • Total Solids

Certified Laboratories has expertise in the dairy industry since 1926.

If there are any special requirements you might have, please call Certified Laboratories @ 800-CERT-LAB and we will be happy to help you.