Certified Group Welcomes David Morgan as Chief Executive Officer

With the CEO Appointment, Deborah Kerr joins Certified Group as Executive Chair.

Food & Beverage Testing Services

Providing a full range of microbiology and chemistry testing for food and beverage products across our North American network of 30+ labs.

Cosmetics, OTC, & Personal Care Products Testing

Fast and flexible microbiology, chemistry, stability, sterility, and other testing with precision results and responsive service.

Dietary Supplements Testing

cGMP-compliant testing for dietary supplements and botanicals, including Amazon-compliant services, verifying identity, purity, strength, and composition.

Laboratory Testing Services

Certified Laboratories: Laboratory Testing for Food & Beverage

Timely and accurate microbiology and chemistry testing for the food & beverage and FDA import industries. LEARN MORE

Certified Laboratories: Laboratory Testing for Cosmetics, OTC, & Supplements

Timely and accurate microbiology and chemistry testing for the cosmetic, OTC, personal care, and supplements industries. LEARN MORE

Client Access Portals

At Certified Laboratories, not only are your samples processed and analyzed with the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency, our client access portals provide you with online access to your orders and sample reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Why Choose Certified Laboratories?

Competitive TAT

North American network of 30+ ISO 17025 accredited labs

24/7/365 dedicated, reliable service

Direct access to your experienced lab manager and technical team

Turnkey pricing

Real–time data access - anytime, anywhere

Flexible courier service

A full service laboratory serving the following industries:

Nuts & Spices


Drinks Testing







Certified laboratories Supplement Testing Services



A Certified Group Company

Certified Group is dedicated to providing essential information our customers utilize for food & beverage, supplements, cosmetics, OTC, tobacco/nicotine, hemp, and cannabis products.

With 30+ laboratories in North America and hundreds of years of combined experience, we combine the access to technical expertise and breadth of services you expect from a large laboratory with the personalized customer service of your local lab.

Ready To Get Results You Can Trust?

Don’t settle for longer turnaround times, inconsistent test results, and subpar customer service. Instead, partner with the best food safety, cosmetics, OTC, & supplements laboratory testing company in the industry.