Have You Heard the News?

Food Safety Net Services & Certified Laboratories Have Merged!

We are excited to announce that Certified Group, has acquired Food Safety Net Services (FSNS), a leading provider of laboratory testing services for customers in the food & beverage industries. As a result,  FSNS & Certified Laboratories will now be merging.

What this Merger Means

With all entities, this expansion will reach an impressive ~1,580 employees over 30 laboratories in the U.S. Canada, and Mexico. The combination of these market-leading providers will further expand our product offerings and diversify our services while maintaining our commitment to serving our clients with the first-class customer experience you have come to expect from Certified Laboratories.




Same Great Service

Food Safety Net Services

About Food Safety Net Services

Founded in 1994 by John and Gina Bellinger, FSNS, a leading network of food safety testing laboratories, was built to offer an exceptional customer experience while providing rapid and timely results. With laboratories in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, FSNS has continued to grow, expanding services in consumer products, nutraceuticals, and various industries. FSNS also offers a robust Research & Development department, FSNS Certification & Audit services, and a full calendar of Educational Courses.

Meet the Certified Group

Established in 2019, after the acquisition of multiple laboratories across North America, Certified Group was formed. Since then Certifed Group has expanded its expertise in food, product, cosmetic, dietary supplement safety testing, and regulatory consulting. Certified Group is comprised of:

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