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Thermal Process Validation Services

Thermal processing of ready-to-eat foods has long been the heart of food processing. Heat, like that used to pasteurize some foods, is both an important technique for preserving foods and a means for preserving and enhancing its flavor, texture, and color. Food processors want to achieve both these purposes without negatively affecting the sensory and nutritional qualities of the food, producing food that is safe, high quality and shelf-stable.

Improved Quality

Thermal processes have several advantages over non-thermal processes. Thermal processes remove up to 40% of available water from the food product, resulting in lower shipping weight, improved flavor, and less likelihood of microbial contamination. Shelf life is improved because thermal processes remove substantial quantities of microbial toxins and contaminants. Thermal processes can improve food flavor and do not denature proteins without any discernable savory degradation.

For More Information

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