Analytical Capabilities

With an unrivaled scope of work that ranges from routine microbiology through FDA defined nutritional labeling, we focus on providing you with accurate analysis in the timeliest manner. Access to all of these capabilities is available on a seamless basis, through our laboratories that are located coast to coast.

Chemical Analyses

Aflatoxin (B1, B2, G1, G2, M 1) Alar Alcohol Content Alcohol Beverage Analysis Antibiotics Antibiotic Residue Artificial Color Artificial Sweeteners Ash Acid Insoluble Ash Bostwick Viscosity Brix Cadmium Caffeine Calcium Carbohydrate Profile Cheese Adulteration Cholesterol Crude Fiber Dairy Chemistry Ethylene Chlorohydrin Fat Content Fats & Oils Analysis Fatty Acid Profile FCC,USP, & NF Monographs Fruit Juice Adulteration Insoluble/Soluble Fiber Iron Juice Analysis Lead Mercury Metals Moisture Oil Adulteration Organic Acid Profile Potassium pH Preservatives Propylene Oxide Purity of Olive Oil Protein Proximate Analysis (Calories) Residue Analyses Salt Sodium Steviosides Sudan Dyes Sulfa Drugs in Dairy Products Sulfites Titratable Acidity Titratable Acidity Total Dietary Fiber Total Solids Toxic Metals Vanillin Viscosity Vitamins Water Analysis

Microbiological Analysis

Aerobic Plate Count Acetophile Plate Count Anaerobic Plate Count Coliform E.coli Fecal Coliform Flat Sours Halophilic Plate Count Lactic Acid Bacteria Psychrophiles Shelf Life Testing Staphylococcus aureus Thermophiles USP Testing Water Potability Yeast & Mold


Bacillus cereus Campylobacter spp. Clostridium Perfringens E.coli 0157:H7 Listeria monocytogenes Listeria, spp. Pseudomonas Salmonella spp. Shiga Toxin Producing E. coli Shigella Staphylococcus aureus Positive Vibrio chlorae Vibrio parahaemolyticus Vibrio spp. Yersinia spp.

Other Organisms

Acidophilus Aeromonas spp. Anaerobes Contaminant Analysis Enterobacteriaceae Polycydic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) Streptococcus spp.

Nutritional Analyses

Calories Cholesterol Dietary Fiber Insoluble Fiber Fatty Acid Profile Minerals – All Omega 3 Fatty Acids Proximate Analyses Saturated Fats Simple & Complex Sugars Soluble Fiber Unsaturated Fats Vitamins – All

Residue Analysis

Amantadine Antibiotics Ethylene Chlorohydrin Ethylene Dibromide Ethylene Dichloride Ethylene Oxide Hexanes Hexanal Methyl Bromide Methyl Sulfide Perchlorethylene Propylene Oxide Solvent Residues Styrene Triphenylmethane Dyes USP467

Other Procedures

Allergen Studies Can Micro Evaluation Can Seam Evaluation Challenge Studies Histamine Formation (Scombroid Poisoning) Inhibitors in Dairy Products Inoculated Pack Studies Meat Species Studies Phosphatase Activity Preservative Challenge Studies Shelf Life Studies Spoilage Problem Resolution Staph Enterotoxin Validation Studies

Pesticide Analysis

Multi-Residue Screen (300 + Pesticides) N-Methyl Carbamates NSO Pesticides Organo Chlorine Scan Organo-Nitrogen Scan Organo Phosphorus Scan Pyrethroid USP561


American Spice Trade Association Approved Lab Ash Acid Insoluble Ash Bixin Content Color Value Curcumin Ethylene Oxide Residue Extractable Color Heat (Organoleptic & HPLC) Insect Identification Moisture (Distillation & Vacuum Drying) Non-Volatile Methylene Chloride Extract Particle Size (Sieve Analysis) Piperine Residue Analysis (Acetone, Ethylene Dichloride, Hexane, Isopropyl Alcohol) Sanitation (Macroscopic Heavy Filth, Light Filth) Starch Steam Volatile Oil

Food Forensics

Foreign Matter Identification Geotrichum Mold Count Hair Identification Heavy Filth Insect Identification Light Filth Macroscopic Examination ROT Fragment Counts

Regulatory Agency Expertise

Aflatoxin in Nuts Borate Analysis in Seafood Colorants in Foods Coumarin in Cookies Decomposition in Seafood Excessive Mold or Peel in Tomato Products Histamine Analysis in Seafood Indole Analysis in Seafood Lead & Cadmium Analyses Light Filth in Foods Listeria in Cheese, Salmon Melamine in Food Pesticides in Pasta, Produce Saccharin & Cyclamates in Foods Salmonella in Black Pepper Sulfite Analysis Veterinary Drugs in Seafood

Flavors & Essential Oils

Acid Value Alcohols Aldehydes & Ketones Essential Oil Association Specifications & Procedures Esters GC Assays – Specific Components Heavy Metals IR Spectroscopy Optical Rotation Refractive Index Residue on Ignition Saponification Value Solubility Specific Gravity UV Absorbance