Juice Testing & Analysis Laboratory

Certified Laboratories has been involved in juice analysis since 1926. As a full service food testing laboratory we have the capability to test juice and juice products for various microbiological and chemical constituents to assure quality and consistency.

Certified Laboratories’ affiliate Fitelson Laboratories under Dr. Jack Fitelson and Sidney Kahan were recognized experts in the area of juice concentrate authenticity analysis. Certified Laboratories is happy to have the expertise of Fitelson Laboratories in its group of laboratories. We currently monitor juice and juice concentrate products for microbiological, chemical, and authenticity analysis.

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Microbiological Testing

Juice and juice concentrate products are capable of supporting spoilage organisms, as well as certain pathogens. Certified Laboratories currently monitors juice products microbiologically. Testing include Total Plate Count, Coliform, Yeast and Mold, and all pathogens, as well as some of the unique problems of the juice industry including heat resistant mold, and yeast spoilage. Certified Laboratories works with juice manufacturers and importers to assure the best quality juice and juice concentrates.

Chemical Testing

The juice concentrate industry is a highly competitive industry and Certified Laboratories is at the forefront of cutting edge science. We monitor juice concentrate products for constituents such as color, clarity, haze, and turbidity to facilitate trade throughout the industry. The Certified Laboratories reports are commonly used as a trade tool to assure quality of a product. Certified Laboratories also monitors for product authenticity and pesticide residues.

Authenticity Testing

The art of juice concentrate authenticity testing is one that has recently been at the forefront of the juice industry. By analyzing a juice concentrate for many constituents we have developed expertise in assuring authenticity. Our expertise includes Oligosaccharides analysis by Capillary GC for the detection of inulin syrups, high fructose and corn syrups.

Pesticides Testing

Pesticides are a constant concern for the importer, as well as the domestic juice industry. To help monitor their products for the presence of pesticides, Certified Laboratories currently performs pesticide scans, as well as individual pesticide analysis. Below please find the scans that we provide and please call for a list of individual pesticides.

  • Organochlorine Scan
  • Organophosphate Scan
  • Methylcarbonate Scan
  • Nitrogen containing Pesticides Scans
  • USP 561

We are also proud to announce that Certified Laboratories is a Tropicana approved laboratory for authenticity and pesticide analysis.

Certified Laboratories is expert in all areas of juice analysis

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