Dietary Supplements, Nutraceuticals and Botanicals

Certified Laboratories is a full-service laboratory with expertise in botanicals and unique dietary components to support your quality and compliance needs. We offer a wide array of instrumentation and monograph solutions to meet the demanding Federal and Industry requirements. 

Testing Solutions to Meet Regulatory Guidance

We support all your 21 CFR 111 testing needs. Federal Regulations state for every batch manufactured must meet the following specifications: Identity, Purity, Strength and Composition.  We provide additional support for your international and GFSI comliance for Food Fraud mitigation plans expanding on your Econimically Motivated Adulteration to include counterfeiting and gray market products. 

For a subset of finished dietary supplement batches that you identify through a sound statistical sampling plan (or for every finished batch), you must verify that your finished batch of the dietary supplement meets product specifications for identity, purity, strength, composition, and for limits on those types of contamination that may adulterate or that may lead to adulteration of the finished batch of the dietary supplement.

What it is.
Freedom from adulteration or contamination.
The potency or degree of concentration.
The ingredients or constituents that make up the product.
  • NIR & FTIR & direct UV
  • GC
  • PCR
  • ICP – OES & MS

Certifications & Accreditations

Certified Laboratories is a fully compliant cGMP/GLP testing facility following the 21 CFR 111 sub J and ISO 17025 standards.

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